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FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' 8

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1 FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' 8 on Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:58 pm


Episode Six-Season One

Filmed July 28th

Duration-45 minutes

'The Omar Abdulla,' Show

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to another show of 'The Omar Abdulla,' Show...Today we will be taking questions from the public and calls that we receive on our lines @ 012 3703469/0860Footprints or you can send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ..... In studio today we have Mr. Jeremy Lawrence, University lecturer Mrs Sarah Eagger and Professor Alan Riley...Today, we will be sharing, discussing, talking and speaking about 'home remedies,' in the home and at the office...Welcome to our g u e s t s...Lets get started...I received a call from Carla Mcdonald who currently plans to become pregnant in this month and asks the panel what she can do to instill the pregnancy message in her body, mind and spirit...She says that she is 26 years old...

Mr. Jeremy Lawerence: If it's your first pregnancy then there are four simple steps...Step one:-You and your partner have to fully agree that you choose to share a baby together and no-matter what happens-you should remember that the child will follow your relationship...It's a big step choosing to get pregnant...Step Two; Get off all contraceptive medication two months before you engage in the pregnancy plan...Step three: See a doctor when is the perfect time that your ovaries are in scope for laying the sperm into the egg...This is normally after four-six days after your menstuation cycle ends...Step four: The day your husband and you choose to create the baby-take photo's and share an evening that you can circle around a calendar...

Professor Alan Riley: Calra, I would suggest that pregnancy is a huge step and remember that a baby requires the love of both parents...If you both agree that a plan is required in a relationship than you are on a 'good foot...' My advice would be to be secure, you need to be married for atleast one year before you take the step of a baby...Marriages fail because children spoil a relationship-in the many cases I have seen...If you are financially, emotionally and mentally ready for the pregnancy, you should go right ahead...

Omar Abdulla: What is the process of fertilization for some viewers who 'do not,' understand the process of pregnancy on our 'special late night,' show this evening...??

Professor Alan Riley: Fertilization is the process of a male sperm joining with the female egg...This process is experienced by animals as well...A sperm of a billion is released at one time to join with only one egg...If the female has two eggs, this results in twins...You should be lucky that you were chosen from one billion sperm...The process is that the sperm cell is an X chromosome and the female chromosome depends on the sperm the egg joins...If the X chromosome joins an X chromosome with the mother-this results in a male boy...If the female chromosome is a Y chromosome then the result is a female...That's why the world population is 2:1-Females:Males...

Omar Abdulla: In the next question we have an email from Anton Rupert from Rylands in the Western Cape who asks the panel that his father is going through a depression at the moment and what can he do to help him through this cycle of life...He says that his father is forty-nine years old...

Sarah Eagger: Depression in it's starting stages can be a revolting experience to the family but can be stopped without medication...Anton, the reason your father or any father goes through stages might be because of you...Perhaps he failed in business or lost the relationship spark with your mother...My answer to your question is simple...Take your dad for a walk between 20-30 minutes per day and feed your father plenty of nutrient foods like-nuts, strawberries, curries and 'lots of hugs...' It's important to remember that any type of medication is a 'no-good,' even if its for a headache or toothache...An asprin is a depressant on it's own...Depressions normally last for three-six months and the person will come out of it eventually...Symtoms of depression include loss of passion, loss of drive, loss of 'work-force,' and odd sleeping hours...Time is the greatest 'healer...'

Omar Abdulla: I also say that if your father is going through a depression Anton-leave him alone...Sometimes depression occurs because we have a change of mind towards a certain cause in our lives...I hope you bought your father a lovely gift for fathers day and created loving memories for him,,,Many times depression occurs if we keep doing the same thing without results...My advice to you Anton is 'love your father,' but be subtle because it's difficult to show your love to your father as a son...Next, we have a call from Sussanah De Silva from Johannesburg who is 18 years old and constantly has 'wet-dreams,' about a certain man...What would your advice be to her as a 'home-remedy...'

Professor Alan Riley: Having 'wet-dreams,' Sussanah is a normal part of growing up...Since you are 18-you are allowed to have sexual dreams and fantasies about a certain man...You cannot stop your orgasm process with your dreams and I would not advice you to stop it because it's a natural part of ones life...

Omar Abdulla: We next have a question from audience member James Willis who is currently fifty five years old and what 'home-remedies,' are on offer to extend his life to over the age of ninety...He says that although his retirement policy is coming to a close in ten years time-he wants to enjoy his money with his family...He asks the board what advice would one suggest to a long-life...??

Jeremy Lawrence: You have lived to fifty five and you have past the cycle of your life where it's time to increase long-life in your life...But I am going to try...Daily routine excercise works well, speak well about your children, and remain stress-free...Remember that money is a great stress creator so it's good to not worry about certain issues in your life...Mediation, yoga, relaxation and be 'aware,' of your breathing...The longer breathes you take the longer you will live...The average person in the United States lives to about 69 and works on an allocated 35 billion breathes...Take longer breathes, watch your diet, improve your metabolism and don't think too much...Allow life to flow...!

Omar Abdulla: My granny in London is ninety, and she never feels sick...I also suggest that when you reach the age of 75-a retirement home would be an advantage because they are trained professionals at maintaining your age....! We now, have an email from Nkosi Mbabele who is suffering with acne...What advice would our panel offer her...??

Professor Alan Riley: Use the special colors that my friend Omar Abdulla is wearing-Clearasil...If you cannot afford a skin product, you can wash your face-three times per day and normal lotion...Acne is a growing phase and normally lasts over a year or two...The reason you experience acne is because the oil pigment in your glands secretes too much sebacious oil...I would also suggest that calamine lotion before bed lightens up your face...Another suggestion would be to use egg yolk-it not only increases the shine on your face, it also cleanses the glands that create blemishes...

Sarah Eagger: You asked a question Nkosi that millions of people go through...Even when you are passed the stage of adolescence Nkosi a good clean face is a MUST...I am jealous of boys because they don't have to wear make-up or any products on their skin which causes long term effects...There are many self-help books that you can read to get-rid off the pimples on your face...Although pimples are un-attractive to the opposite sex, it will go away soon...Remain confident...!

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back...While we were on a break I asked one of the guests- has the role of doctors in society changed since in the 1800's...

Professor Alan Riley: The role of doctors has changed because in the early days their right was to help people and to help society even if they could not afford it...Today, a heart-transplant can cost a person up-to R60.000.00...The days where you needed the help of a doctor at a fraction of the cost are out...The doctors role in society has changed because of the evolution of drugs and 'new forms,' of rights to doctors...I believe that if a person becomes a doctor his services MUST be free to the community for all causes as this is his duty as a professional...

Omar Abdulla: Thanks for that Professor...We have a question received from Zaiboon Majoti from Rustenburg asking that are their any special treatments for smokers who choose to quit and what ways offered by the panel could be off good use...??

Jeremy Lawerence: There are many ways to quit smoking and you cannot go 'cold-turkey,' in an instant...You could drink ginger tea and honey water to speed up the process...You could use visual pictures in your mind that you will gain weight and that your skin tone will come-back...Look at the advantages of stopping the smoking process and see the results...Remember that the brain is a replace organ and will replace a habit with another habit...Stopping smoking can increase your life-span of up-to ten years..

Omar Abdulla: Mr. Lawerence I am a smoker and cannot live without a smoke atleast every hour...Is it the selling of society for this brand become so-tainted...??

Jeremy Lawerence: South Africa has banned the advertising of smoking and you Mr. Abdulla will stop when the time is right...As I said, smoking is an addiction that harms your body for the long term...Consider your options and take it from there....

Omar Abdulla: Thanks...We now have a question from audience member Shakira Dasoo from Bokaap asking the panel what is the natural way to grow-long and curvy hair-like the actresses seen on television...??

Sarah Eagger: The hair grows 3cm every month, so you cannot speed this process up faster...You can try one of my favourite methods of mixing lemon, honey and egg on the scalp of your head to liven up your natural head-beauty...Another suggesstion would be to use Indian Mendhi to lengthen your hair and if you are one of those people who cut your hair often-don't...Men love long hair and the longer hair you have the sexier you will be from within and outside...

Omar Abdulla: Interesting comments and facts...We have the l a s t question received by email from Mr. Felix Mashante who says that he suffers from stress from work and what are the ways offered by the panel to reduce stress and increase blood flow...??

Professor Alan Riley: There are many ways to reduce stress...Use the history of our forefathers that 'laughter is the best medicine...' Put on a great film-preferably produced by Footprints Filmworks or any flick that you enjoy...If you are married, lie flat on your stomach and let your wife or your mother massage you...Let her massage the vertebra below your medulla oblongata with special olive or lime gel...I would also suggest that you can take a hot bath-put the candles on and relax...We all work and have stressful stakes at bay...

Omar Abdulla: That's all we have time for today...Tomorrow we will be taking calls and emails from personalities asking them if they were the President of South Africa for a day, what changes and causes would they create effect in the country...Until tomorrow...!!


Episode Seven-Season One

Duration-45 minutes

Filmed July 29th

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to the this edition of 'The Omar Abdulla,' Show filmed at the Union Buildings in South Africa...Today, we will be answering emails and calls received if they were the President of South Africa for one day...In our garden interview today, we have Minister of Health in South Africa Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Finance Pravin Gordon, Minister of Aviation Marthinus Van Schalkwyk and MInister of Housing-Tokyo Sexwale...Welcome to our guests...Before I go to the lines I'd like you to answer the question posed to the public...This show is produced by Footprints Filmworks...

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi: Thank you for having us...If I were the President of South Africa I would increase spending on the health sector by taxing the rich and giving to the poor...I watched the interview with President Zuma on 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' and I fully agree with certain ideas he has...South Africa has a 'scewed,' economy and thus that's where the money will come from...As-Minister of Health my duty remains to the people who are sick, the people who are suffering in the shacks, the people who cannot afford medical care and the people living in the hospices...I would extend our budget from R54 billion rand for 2011 by atleast eight percent to the public...I would further increase the medical support of the country by launching a national telephone number the way the American public has-a 911 service as compared to our 10177 ambulance telephone number...I think South Africa has a long way to go in terms of our freedom and this will be overcome over time...I also personally believe that everyday 'South Africans,' have to trust the black man's thinking in leading the country...It is not a vendetta cause about our ruling...We have millions of people who suffer without electricity, without water, without proper sanitation and without normal housing services...We must first empower our people before we extend our hand internationally...

Pravin Gordon: I also watched 'The Omar Abdulla,' Show where President Zuma addressed the community quite nicely on this show...I feel that in terms of finance, there is a lot that we can do...I agree that raising interest rates will bring foreign money to South African borders to better aid our people...Inflation is at check with the raise in fuel and fossil fuel prices but will drop in due time as the price cannot rise without U.S. cause...I think if I was President of South Africa the process would have to be a quick effect...We cannot rob the rich to pay the poor...We have to spend more money on motivating the 28 million staff of South Africa in the right way...It's a vast topic Mr. Abdulla and we could talk all day about this if you want...I guess we have to empower people from within their homes and communities to better our n a t i o n...

Marthinus Van Schalkwyk: Things you have said I tend to agree and yet dis-agree with...The way to put more money into the millions of people is to support their causes and dreams...The current government has robbed leaders of the country out of billions of rand...Running a country should never be about the money, because the money will come-either way...The many speeches I have given is that the apart from putting a false mask to the public the ruling members are only in it for fame, for money or whatever cause...Being the President of South Africa comes with responsibility for the country...If we spend R4 million rand on a Member of Parliaments birthday-is this the way to spend our citizens money?? If we spend R2 million rand on the security of the current President of South Africa-is this a way to spend our citizens money?? If we spend R15 million rand on a charter jet on the 'Presidents Plane,' to China-is this a way to spend our citizens money?? If we spend R5 billion rand on party advertising per month-is this a way to spend our citizens money?? Mr. Abdulla being the President of South Africa-one has to be a father first to ones children before any responsiblity is taken...If our presidents own children complain and talk bad about him-how can a country trust him...The ruling party will loose their power in government in the next ten years and the once tainted past that many citizens still admire will come back into focus...In many ways....

Tokyo Sexwale: I agree with the three of you and have some of my own input as well...I am one of the wealthiest people in South Africa and many have said that the money I earned was because of the rift between the black and white man...I was given free shares to listed companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange because I could push certain ideas by the white-man...This is the risk of being in government and the many threats one receives...I would reduce the level of crime by increasing members of government service from the current 401 000 to over 600 000.00...The country does not need protection from international leaders...I personally believe that the so-many gaps in South Africa can only be filtered over time...The country was in a surplus of R53 billion rand before 1994 and the country finds itself in debt of over one trillion rand this year...We have to remain confident that the people living in shacks who were robbed of education in the apartheid days will pay their taxes and this can only reduce finance debt...I think responsibility is a key major to tackle and teaching people through various forms of media is the ONLY w a y forward....

Omar Abdulla: Mr Van Schalkwyk-this is a topic of major concern as residents claim that they are being robbed by Members of Parliament, could you elaborate this please...??

Martinus Van Schalkwyk: Look at Barack Obama as the leading black President of the United States...His polls have dropped by 21 percent since election...You might look all hunky dory on television and promise the world billions of dollars-and if you cannot deliver that where the problem starts...Perhaps my thinking is some-what apartheid linked because I seen the smiles of many millions of people who support us...The parties have robbed the country in many ways...If you were to look at the promises set-out by President Nelson Mandela, President Thabo Mbeki, and President Zuma it's all talk and no play...I have documents that prove how the members in parliament robbed the current government-I will not divulge and talk about it because I might end up shot dead...I believe that our country although is the highest boomber in Africa-the thinking and confidence of the black man will drop...In meeting with party members I have learned that many of the Members in Parliament have a basic matric examination...Clearly, Mr. Abdulla education begins at the h i g h e s t level before we talk about the education levels of our citizens....!

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!!


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back...While we were on a break I received an email from Juana Mashilo from Overport who says that she is happy with the current government and what are the areas to focus on to develop the non-racial groups of South Africa...??

Tokyo Sexwale: We can develop the non-racial groups of South Africa by becoming one with our neigbours...I find often enough that many of us don't even know our own neigbours and live in a clouded world...The next time you take a stroll away from your home-offer a smile, help your neigbour-black or white...We have this thing that we cannot help the rich-but we should remember that the rich are rich because of their daily lives...The poor of the country which is almost 43 percent that earn below the normal bread-line should offer their services to the rich through a medium of marketing and talking...The best way of advertising is through 'word-of-mouth,' and we MUST help our neigbours if we choose a better South Africa...

Omar Abdulla: It's true-help a neigbour and they can make your day...I was reading an article that said that the days of baby steps for South African's are over...What rubbish...If we cannot empower the person next door, then how can we be world leaders...I received a call from Michelle Govendar from Phoenix who says that if she were the President of South Africa she would help the businesses by providing free government services including free health care, free education, free security and zero-interest bonds...!! The panel is open to review...

Martinus Van Schalkwyk: In a perfect world I could print money of a billion rand per day and give it away...The money has to come from somewhere...We don't want South Africa to create a balloon debt with overseas nations...The process is gradient scale and with the support of our neigbours, our communities, our families and the new people we meet-we can only but discover the work our government does...The invention of the wheel was perhaps one of the greatest inventions....The discovery of the internet has become an 'information highway,' for millions...We hope that the next impact of civilization will be African...We can only do our country proud by stop complaining and doing what our mentors say....

Omar Abdulla: You have said a mouthful Mr. Van Schalkwyk...If the world were a perfect place and all our thoughts became a reality....I have a last caller who is currently in jail for the last three years and has been sentenced to twenty-seven years in prison, what can he do to better the lives of the people outside and what government can offer him in the future...??

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi: To the person who is in jail-our answer to your question is simple...Accept and cry that you will be living the next twenty-seven years in prison for a crime that you committed...Take Nelson Mandela as your role model and set a stage of what you choose to achieve...You can study a degree of your choice and write letters to 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' expressing what you choose to change and help South African's...Our correctional services board in South Africa is rated even higher than The United States and Saudi Arabia...We offer courses for persons who are behind bars and use your talent by writing and starting a hobby...Government will be installing computers for prisoners in the next two years...So you have something to look forward too...

Omar Abdulla: Thanks to our guests once again...We will be back tomorrow where we will be 'looking into the future,' by forecasting the future of our lives, the future of our country, the future dreams of our people and the future notations that we should aspire too...Until then...Ardios...!


Episode Eight-Season One

Duration-45 minutes

Filmed July-30th

'The Omar Abdulla Show....'

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' produced by Footprints Filmworks...Today, we will be speaking, be talking, be chatting and be highlighting the future of ones lives, the future of technology, the future of 'our country,' and the future of our nation...This broadcast is brought to you from the Oliver Tambo International airport in Johannesburg...In studio today we have Minister of Science and Technology Ms. Naledi Pandor, Managing Director of Anglo-Platinum Neville Oppenheimer, University student Sakeena Joosub and NASA spokesperson Alison Kells...Welcome to our guests...I'd like to start off by saying where would you see the country and the lives of billions of people across the globe...

Naledi Pandor: The South African government has spent millions of rands on the research of 'new technology,' and investing into new companies that have their core focus on the 21st century...Aristotle said in the year 323 B.C. that all things are created by God and contain the elements of fire, earth, wind, water and heart...LIke a captain planet...If we were to say the future we give a 'thumb sucking,' number of the year 2025...Perhaps the ipad would become today's laptop...Hopefully we will find a cure for HIV and related diseases for South Africans and worldwide...We can look at world leaders communicating through 'tele-port media,' and the globalization of hydrogen powered cars...Solar power has just been launched in Japan and we can expect companies investing heavily into solar forms of energy...We can look at universities being launched online to cater to the more than one billion people studying at university...We can look into the home being advanced with the launch of robots as working staff of the family...Re-generation of the dead and pigments still would have to be explored by the universities countrywide...

Neville Oppenheimer: I have been watching the Footprints Filmworks broadcast in the last month and find the ideas shared interesting...I have a few 'sentiments,' that could look into the future...I think Mrs. Pandor is right about the re-generation of dead pigments and the globalization of the generation of cells...Anglo-Platinum has invested billions of rands in the future of technology and we can expect more staff to be employed in this sector...We will perhaps see the opening of five million businesses in Africa, the global turnover increased from 17 trillion dollars to about 70 trillion dollars in the year 2025...We would probably see the investment into protection of the ozone layer and the atmosphere...I think the aeroplane technology will advance with hydrogen fuels and the Airbus size more than 'doubled...' We would also probably see the generation of cells that a person would be able to re-generate their cells to upto 50 years-increasing life-span...We would probably see highways built in the air and roads built on the ocean...I was reading an article that scientists are planning a hotel on the moon...Should be interesting...!!

Sakeena Joosub: I have no knowledge on the future of technology but I can perhaps assist towards the future of the way people create relationships...We would probably see the global population go from 7 billion in 2011 to about 10 billion in 2025...Lives would change with the marriage bill increased to jail a father or mother who files for divorce for both persons-upto five years...Lives would change with a President of country who can rule upto f o u r countries-like the South Africa and Zimbabwe situation...Lives would change by installing memory chips from the brain into a computer-so that memories remembered can be put onto a hardrive...Lives would change that we can watch any television channel in the world on our cellphone, on our laptop, on our ipad and on our robot structures...

Alison Kells: I have to go with the w o r d s of Sakeena, and fully agree with the divorce act that jails parents who seperate...I would also put the idea to government to invest into 'new business,' that invests into 'new-gadgets,' of the future...I was watching a film that stated that whatever was discovered in the last 30 years-the last 300 years were not produced...So, I agree with Mr. Oppenheimer-The future investment is into technology, into people, into skills and into opportunities...When it comes to the country-I think the country has to increase spending on the youth to see the real growth for the future and our nation...I personally believe that children are the future of 'The uBuntu,' and spending, investing, sharing and caring for them is the only way forward...!!

Omar Abdulla: I have an email from Mohammed Seedat who says that It's all well and good to see into the future, but how can our show help a man who is sewing clothes for passerby's on the street who is uneducated and has a family to feed...How can the future of our ideas help the more than 43 percent who are seeking work in South Africa...??

Neville Oppenheimer: The knowledge is there...Laziness finds is own punishment...If the person wants to 'look into the future,' of his business he should look at risk...Sitting on ones laurels will not feed his family...For starters he can buy an electronic sewing machine and create pamphlets about his business...He could hire a local person to design what products he is offering....He could sell sweets and chocolates to increase his trade...He could 'dare-to dream,' to move his business location from the street to a store...

Omar Abdulla: Most residents in our country look into the future of their lives and increasing their wealth stream will allow one to invest into ones family, ones business, ones community and ones dream...I received a call this afternoon saying that I must put his idea across to the board...He says he is diagnosed with Cancer and doctors have told him that he will only be able to live for another three weeks...He is 79 years old...What would the panels ideas be to him...??

Sakeena Joosub: The world is working on cures for Cancers and over the age of 79 is still a young age...When it comes to this person, I would suggest love...They say that 'laughter is the best medication,' and 'love is the best healer...' The university work that I am doing is researching a cure for Cancer and dreaded diseases...My advice to you is spend time with your family and remember that money does not matter at this stage...See yourself 'happy, alive, well, and successful,' again in your minds eye...!!

Omar Abdulla: My mother was suppossed to die when my sister Khatija was born...She has diagnosed with a brain tumour and we helped her at that stage with 'lots of love,' and prayer...Thats my w o r d to you....

Alison Kells: The treatment of Cancer is a heavy cause and work is being done to re-generate the infected cells...Chemicals eaten by the person over a long time like protein, certain vitamins and carbohydrates affect the cells that cause Cancer...Use Omar and Sakeena's words to stem growth in your life...Your future at 79...Hmmm...Perhaps you have another five-ten years to go...

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment....!



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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back-and thanks for joining us again...While we were a w a y I received a call from Juanita Debeers who says that she future trades and things does not look good after she has lost over a billion rand in the local stock market...Is their any any advice to offer Juanita after her fall with the markets...??

Nikki Oppenheimer: I am sorry for your loss and I hope you were not trading the Anglo or Footprints Filmworks share because you would of made a packet...Their are various tools available to an investor that invests in a certain share and most shares follow the American opening-normally-14:30-South African time...You can also download software that will allow you to trade 'dummy money,' on real time prices...I would suggest Metatrader if you are a forexbroker or Global Trader if you are a share trader...I also suggest that the dollar is ready to weaken against major currencies and gold is expected to rocket above $2000...Read the fundermentals and place your stop losses...If you are trading a blue-chip company like ours then your money is safe because we hedge our risk by investing into smaller businesses in South Africa...

Alison Kells: Markets change everyday-like a person...The sun has to rise, you have to change into new clothes...I have watched the share market and you can read market experts about what their trade is for the day...Like when to purchase a certain share at a certain price...It also depends if you are a long term trader or a short term trader...I was reading some information about a stock market boom in 2011...So invest on buy's for shares and hold long term...The companies like Old Mutual, Liberty Life, Discovery Life and other companies specialize in taking your monthly premiums and investing in the stock market...

Omar Abdulla: We have a last question for this televised edition then we are going to call it a day...I was a fool to invest in the stock markets Juanita and also 'saw my pants,' by playing in the stock market with open positions and hedging with shares that I did not have any knowledge about...You should make your work 'fun 'n entertaining,' to reap the rewards of millions...Our caller who hails from George in Cape Town-Miss Aadila Moosajee says that if the future were destined and we had no clue about it, do our s t a r s i g n s matter, because she often reads about her star sign in several magazines...??

Naledi Pandor: Astrology is worked by the planets and works with Sun Gods who ruled the world when Greece was at the helm of the world...My advice to you is read the star-signs-if you are scorpio, or aries, or whatever sign...Don't believe in it...The roman God has created the star sign as a romantic symbol to his loved one...As for the future, it's always good to dream, it's always good to postulate, it's always good to share your 'ideas about the future,' and it's always good to open your mind to future memories...As we say in Parliament-you cannot make the cake rise, but you sure can bake the cake...The mystery of life is in the evolution of tomorrow, and the evolution of tomorrow can only be thought about in our dreams and only in our dreams can we become that helping person that touches the hearts of millions...Whatever future dream you have-wheather it be driving the fancy ferrari, or purchasing that dream house, or 'falling-in-love,' with a PrinCe, or being a father....It can all become a reality...As I was watching 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' that stated from the Bible-'If we have the faith of a mustard seed-the universe and it's contents are ours...'

Omar Abdulla: We have come to a close of the e i g h t episodes in season one...Season two is filmed in India in the next month where we will be touring and meeting with leaders from our father nation of India...Be ready to be 'dazzed and amazed,' in season two...Until then...See you next month....!!


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