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FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show,'-23

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1 FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show,'-23 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:07 pm


Episode 21-Season Three

Filmed September 23rd 2011

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...It has been a rollar-coaster ride here in Greece as many of our viewers have been following us across the globe...We are based today at the National Crete Aquarium in Crete and will be sharing and discussing 'The Abyss,' of Oceans, Rivers, Lakes and Seas in the world...We are joined today by Marine Biologist Ms. Geneve Okai and Mr. Frank West who is an Oceanograher at the University of Athens...Welcome to our guests...Let's get to it...Let's start off with our first question about living animals in the Oceans-Do they have souls...??

Geneve Okai: Omar, the ocean has over 302 000 species of fish and plants and God created animals in the likeness of himself...Since pre-historic times The Bible is quoted in Genesis "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over the earth, and over all the creatures that move on the earth..." From this quote we can deduce that God created Animals from the same matter as us, and the universal creatures as well...' We can thus deduce that animals of the sea, animals that fly and animals that crawl all have souls...In a Hindu book I am reading it states that reincarnation is a MUST by all organisms as per say-one lifetime you might off been a fish, one lifetime you might off been a Tiger, one life time you might off been a whale...!

Omar Abdulla: Okay, let's say that I was an animal or another creature in my past life...What is the evolution of Mankind since pre-historic times to 'today's times...'?

Frank West: Evolution of Man is the most studied area in society and Life on earth is a Science...If you were to take 'The Abyss...' some of the wildest creatures roam our oceans and some of them have not even been experimented with...Homo Sapiens is the 'most-evolved,' spirit that's why we have brains...There is alot to learn from Oceans and I will talk more about this subject later on...

Omar Abdulla: Give us some raw facts about some of the Oceanic Matter and fish that swim our seas...??

Geneve Okai: The world is filled with almost 63 percent Ocean with the majority of space taken up by the Pacific Ocean (156 million miles), Atlantic Ocean (106 million miles), and The Indian Ocean (89 million miles), and I will only discuss these three Oceans for today...The world's rivers all flow to a basin that link to an Ocean-example One stream links with a river and one river links with another river and this river flows into the Ocean...The World is filled with sharks, fish, birds and other forms of plankton making the Ocean the biggest mass to be studied by bio-chemists...There is alot to learn from animals of the sea including the way they eat, the way they mate, the way they communicate and the way they lead their families...Tides, Hurricanes, Torpedo's and giant winds can be experienced by sailors sailing our oceans...The 'Great-Greek-God,' Poseidon rules the Oceans and his breath could engulf an entire city with his anger....

Omar Abdulla: They say that the warmest ocean is the Pacific Ocean, the deepest Ocean is the Pacific Ocean and the coldest Ocean is the Atlantic Ocean...Do oceans flow into each other-LIke a current mix...??

Geneve Okai: Yes, Oceans do flow into each other and this can be experienced in three countries across the globe...This is experienced in South Africa (1) where the Indian Ocean joins with the Atlantic Ocean...This is experienced in Panama (2) where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Pacific Ocean...And lastly, this can be experienced in China where again the Pacific Ocean joins with the Indian Ocean...The deepest length of an Ocean is in Hawaii where the ocean extends 9212 metres below ground and no-scientist or diver have reached such levels...The deepest lenght a d i v e r has dived is only 2000m and was almost killed by the pressure of the water...

Omar Abdulla: Let's talk a little about the future of Oceans and what can humanity learn from Oceans according to news that I watched on National Geographic...??

Frank West: The future is endless with Oceans and new islands are being discovered as we speak...According to scientists at the University of Virginia fossil fuels have still to be discovered in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and companies like Shell, British Petroleum and Sasol are investing billions of Euro's in this business...Submarines have created nuclear warheads in the abyss of oceans and people can live upto eight months on the oceanic floor...Teachers from the University of Massachusetts are learning ways of building highways so that cars can travel to countries without being hit by a hurricane...Water technology is being studied by the University of Crete whereby salt water will be pressured under machines to produce water normally drank by dams...!

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!!

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...While we were away I received an email from Jacques Jetaime from Mathos who says that what work is being done by marine biologists with regards to the transformation of large masses of water for the local community of the world...??

Frank West: Oceanic water if drunk from the ocean can kill you, however Setho's in South Africa believe that if oceanic water is drunk it can bring back a loved one and heal ailments of Cancer, HIV and other dreaded diseases...As stated before research is being done so that this water can be purified and be drunk by citizens of the community...The process is a long process as the water purification costs billions of dollars and if done correctly the world will never be short of water...!

Omar Abdulla: Yes, I agree, don't ever try to drink polluted water by the oceans although my 'AU-Pair,' in South Africa always asks for Oceanic water...We have a last email from Justin Callhan from Cyprus who says that what are some of the forms of transportation of water on sea and in the ocean...??

Frank West: In the times of the 1700's cars were not invented and one could sail from Greece to India, Ireland, Mexico or Mauritius...Today, we can take an airplane ride to wherever we want in the world...When my wife and I married we settled for a cruise from Greece to India which I must admit is 'the-best-form,' of transportation...With the sinking of the Titanic many years ago our thoughts have changed about ship transport...The import and Export market of the world is run by cruise-liners and links countries like Japan and The United States, China and Brazil, France and South Africa and many other nations...The process is simple and billions of Euro's have been made on the transport of goods and services across the globe...Perhaps the 'great-travelers,' including Christopher Columbus and Vasco Da Gama we have to thank...!

Omar Abdulla: Thank you to our guests and fans and watch out for The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW filmed here in Greece...Tomorrow we will be discussing the galaxy and is their life on other planets on the solar system and galaxies...Until tomorrow...Cianara...!


Episode 22-Season Three

Filmed-25th September 2011

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...We have three episodes left including this one of SEASON THREE and audiences will be notified where our next season will be filmed...Today, we will be speaking and talking about the Universe, Galaxies and other 'Universal elements,' of the Universe...We are filming today at the nations Capital City Athens at the local NASA Space-Station...In studio today we have Teresa Williams who is a cosmologist at NASA and local Greek Astronomer Fidel Hughes...Let's get to it...I guess the question most people ask-Is their life on other planets in our solar system and Galaxy of 'The Milky Way...'

Teresa Williams: Good Evening to all the viewers and 'Thank you,' Mr. Omar Abdulla for having us today on Greece TV...Your answer to your question is simple...Yes, there is life on other planets in the galaxy of 'The Milky Way,' and No we can assume that our work done proves that there is no life other than on earth in the solar system...The film E.T. best describes the normality of extraterrestrials on other planets...Scientists have discovered a tenth planet in the solar system-the size of Pluto...Many have said that some species of life form exist in the Universe and some say that if you were to compare a human's intelligence here on earth, our intelligence would be that of a bird to some of the species of 'living organisms,' in the galaxy...!

Fidel Hughes: Yes, Albert Einstein's theories about TIME, SPACE, MATTER and ENERGY co-exist in the realm of the outer world...The universe is primary created out of these elements with the majority atom being-hydrogen...The universe is said to have started almost 14 billion years ago and scientists say that some living matter was around before dinosaurs...There is alot to explore through a telescope and I would suggest that you and your family invest in a small telescope to view the planet Venus orbiting the sun at around-sunset or you can view the planet Mars orbiting the sun at around Sunrise...!

Omar Abdulla: What does The Holy Bible say about the cosmos and what can we learn from these theories spoken about from God...??

Fidel Hughes:There are several verses from the Bible about the Universe-one being; "God will ultimately destroy the universe, near the very end...He said he'll roll it up like a scroll..." and "There are a finite number of stars...God knows how many there are and has given names for each of them..." It is important to note that the Universe was created by God over a period of eight days and all his creation remains divine to him...If you were to look at a tree during times of sunrise or sunset, they 'take-their- bow,' to God...God's creation is divine and the bounties he offers to the universe are unlimited...!

O: mar Abdulla: Ms. Teresa, kindly give us some raw facts about the Universe, Galaxies, Our solar system and other elements of the 'moonlite sky...'

Teresa Williams: Well, there is alot to discover and new realizations are being discovered every second...A light year is equal to travel of 5.9 trillion miles...The size of the sun is 108 times larger than that of earth and the sun is only a small star in the galaxy...There are stars that are 108 times larger than our own sun...The sun at one stage shone blue, red, violet and will soon shine orange and green...The sun is going through a stage in the cosmic realm and it is said that the sun will shine all the colors of the rainbow...The human eye can see upto 100 billion light years away...A star seen shining in the evening sky could of left it's beam almost 65 million years ago...The solar system is a small complex as there are over 100 million solar systems in the universe with over 43 billion stars...A Book by L.Ron Hubbard says that their are 'universes-upon-universes,' with about 100 billion universes created by God...A s t r e t c h of ones imagination...

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...Whilst staying at the hotel here in Athens I have met many people who have taught me about their customs and belief systems and I have learnt 'new-greek,' w o r d s whilst enjoying my stay here...I received an email from Jasmine Amore from Macedonia who says that what can humans learn from the universe and some of the bounties that God has to offer his species in this world...??

Teresa Williams: Miss Amore, Whatever the mind can conceive it can create and thus the creation of the universe...The Universe is a tool to people like you and we that our abilities can s t r e t c h and grow with the passage of time, space, matter and energy...What we can learn from the universe is that we should have the faith of a mustard seed and the universe and it's contents belong to us...What we can learn from the universe is that even though we are finite beings created by God, each one of us is special-no-matter-what...What we can learn from the universe is that no matter how vast the empire of the universe is, there is truly a creator that can create something out of nothing...We should apply this philosophy in our own lives and 'be the change of tomorrow,' as Mahatma Gandhi says...!

Fidel Hughes: You know my friend Omar, whilst you were staying at the hotel I noticed that once you flicked your cigarette you had your fans running along to keep the butts as souvenir's...You have become popular here in Greece and I wish you all the luck on your expedition to be the 'President of South Africa...' I can add to Teresa's comments by saying that the universe is a living portal of our imagination and we should all work with the 'Karma of the universe...' Albert Einstein said that energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely transformed...We should tranform our energy into beings that our fathers and mothers can be proud off...We should transform our energy so that we can be a ruling nation with the guide on each other...A friend is a friend when you are up, down or whatever...Remember that the universe throws us challenges everyday to test us, and we should use these tests to better ourselves, our community, our cities, our nations, our countries and then the universe...!

Omar Abdulla: We have a l a s t email from Jonathan Liebe from Mathos who says that what is the panels ideas about 'The-Big-Bang,' Theory...??

Fidel Hughes: Johnathan, the world was created out of nothing the way you were created from a speck of sperm and egg...The universe was borne more than 120 million years ago and keeps on expanding at 3 light years per minute...An example would be that the entire solar system is weighed at 99.1 percent sun matter and the rest of the matter is made up of solar matter...The big bang is studied in Germany, The United States and South Africa and many have said that our solar system was created to test humanity as a 'test,' for our future scope...The physical universe in one element of the universe and their are universes of the mind, the spirit realm and other complex universes....

Omar Abdulla: Thank you to our guests...Tomorrow, we will be sharing, talking, discussing and speaking about the history of money, the importance of money and the future of money in the global trade of business....Ardious...


Episode 23-Season Three

Filmed-September 29th

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...Today we on the the second last episode here in Greece and will be speaking about The History of money, the importance of money and the future of money in the global trade of business...We are located in Mathos today and we have returned guests in the form of Billionaire investor George Soros and President of Greece Dr. Karolous Papoulias...Welcome to our guests...Let's get to it...Briefly describe the importance and history of money in Greece, Europe, The United States and North America...?

George Soros: The history of money started in China about 200 B.C and members of the community used trade, barter and 'exchange-of-goods,' as a form of trade or swap of business...Gold, Silver and other precious metals were pegged to the United States dollar with the launch of the Bretton Woods agreement and this has 'fallen-away,' since 1971...Money is an important tool for trade, business, micro-economics and macro economics...The laws of trade including 'supply and demand,' and trade of branded goods still retain their right today...The importance of money can vary to the individual on the list of skills that's important to them...The list of money might be first on my list of goals whilst a man like Mahatma Gandi it might of been l a s t...Many billions of people across the globe respect the energy that money brings and not the tune that it can vibrate...The old saying of 'A man's best friend is his wife and her best friend is the greenback,' still retains it's say today...!

Dr. Karolous Papoulias: Greece is in a debt crisis with major banks across the United States, China, Brazil and Japan because we believe that the value of money is based on the input and output of the workforce of a country...Prices of technology, cars, diamonds and raw materials have soared over the last 100 years because of the value these products add to the country...We have a debt ceiling of $2.5 trillion dollars and countries like the United States find themselves in over $59 trillion dollar debts with other nations...The history as George said is based in China and some areas in India and Pakistan still maintain some element of this trade...!

Omar Abdulla: Let's say that I am not a trillionaire and I don't care about who, what or when countries have 'world-peace-talks,' about fiscal and monetary policies but my wife and I choose to own that Ferrari, Castle, Blackberries and fancy goods that society offers....Let's say that I am a streetsweeper and sleep on park benches-How would I build myself into a tycoon businessman from no education, no skills, and no business acumen...?

George Soros: My dearest friend Omar, your friend in India whom I watched on The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW three months ago-I think his name is Shar Rukh Khan, came to Delhi with 400 rupees and today he is 'King of Bollywood...' Do you know why?? Take Warren Buffett at the age of 17 who losed his father in a plane crash and was forced to caretake his siblings... Do you know why they built businesses and personalities that today the world admires...Take my own story...Here was a little boy at 23 who was married and living in a bachelors room with two children...The law of business is attraction of forces...Let me explain...When I got married at the early age of 19 to the 'woman-of-my-dreams,' we were forced to live out of a small garage and moved into a small bachelors room...I would knock on literally hundreds of doors selling a manufacuring product, but I could not stem myself out of poverty...This story will relate to millions of Europeans, Americans, Africans and Australians who watch this show...We can sit in a yoga room all our lives and pray for that billion dollars but the truth of the matter is 'no work brings pay...' You Mr. Abdulla run a successful enterprise and I award you for your efforts to help people and I will do my best in my power to add value to this program...Carrying on with the story, no-one had interest what I had to sell and then I one-day prayed to God to open my books of record on a new-scale...And it worked...Prayer is the highest form towards buying whatever you desire...It took me twenty years to become the worlds fifth richest man because of the hurt feelings I had when people would say 'Not-interested...' Remember that you must have partners, a team, a set routine and follow through...Never be afraid of rejection and remember that one day the people who mocked and laughed at you will be your greatest supporters...Keep the vision, Keep the plan, Keep the affirmations, Keep the dreams and we can all attract that billion dollar cheque some-time in our lives...I learnt that it's not about what you sell, or where you sell, or how you sell, it's the touch that you leave behind...Remember my w o r d s and one day when I am dead and gone-you would know that the great Greek George Soros spoke a few w o r d s of wisdom...!

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment....!

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmorks...I received an email from Angelique Stroge from Athens who says President of Greece Dr. Karlous Papoulias about his future fiscal policies in Greece as the Euro is being hammered by Americans with news released by the Greek Federal Reserve...??

Dr. Karlous Papoulous: We have said and I will repeat my comment that the $2.5 trillion dollar ceiling has been breached and we have applied for credit extentions with American and Swiss Banks...I see the room for growth in Greece and a country that is spending is always growing...The entire economy if compared to the entire of Greece is equal to that of one city of Los Angeles for a day...We can assure spending to our government people in the right way and we have become one of Europe's leading export nations to Japan, China, Panama and Canada...Perhaps the macro economic model is similair to that of The United States because of our strong currency pricing...!

Omar Abdulla: We have a last email from Francesca Philia from Crete who asks the panel about ways of improving standards of trade in her small business of farming in Crete as many Greeks choose to grow their income from within their own standards...??

George Soros: I always say that the worst investment is the investment into cut-backs...I always say that the best investment is yourself, your business, your family, your community, your country and the universe...I always say that money is the greatest form of energy and one has to 'be-ready,' in able to receive it...I always say that wealth is created with a mixture of love, passion, skills and abilities...I always say that the future of money is based on what we can give to another and not take...I always say we should not ask how much we can take but how much we can give...The old saying by Muslims still stands "Say it, and it is..." Whatever you desire and dream can be achieved by a thought, because thoughts are real forces...

Omar Abdulla: Thank you to our guests and Footprints Filmworks...Since it is our l a s t episode in Greece tomorrow, we will be talking and speaking about 'fun-events,' including weddings, parties, birthday parties, honeymoons and surprise elements for the planning of your 'date-with-fortune,,,' Season F O U R of The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW will be in C A N A D A...Les ADIEUX...!



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