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FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show-29,'

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1 FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show-29,' on Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:56 am


Episode 27-Season Four

Filmed November 11

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...We have a 'power-packed-presentation,' today as we have one of Canada's leading men-Prime Minister Stephen Harper who hails from Calgary in Canada...We have thousands of emails running through our servers and will get to the questions to Mr. Harper in a moment...We are based today at the University of Calgary....Let's get to it....Briefly give a outlined history about yourself as well as What made you run for Prime Minister of Canada...??

Stephen Harper: One night I was dreaming and at that time in 1997 I was a business owner of a franchise store in Calgary...It was like a voice from the darkness that spoke to me about leading Canada as Prime Minister of Canada...I did not have the knowledge or know how, but I knew I was going to follow this inner voice who kept on whispering my name...Here was a college kid with very little money but the dreams to touch the hearts of millions...Many of my foes had said that I was crazy, insane a lunatic and some even laughed when I walked by...I did not let this bring me down because the great loss is the failure of rejection...I traveled to rural, urban and metropolitan cities with my wife and spread my word...No one answered....Then I prayed to the Almighty that he should lead, guide, protect and nurture me towards the right direction...No one answered...I never gave up because I knew that God would not give me these 'power-driven,' dreams to fulfill...You see, Mr. Abdulla the seven billion people who live all have a purpose...Some of them to be gang leaders, some of them to be fathers, some of them to be billionaires and some of them to be Presidents, Ministers, Cabinet men or Prime Ministers...I joined the Conservative Party in 2001 and many Canadians felt that I was not cut out for the job...My father was pushing me in one direction, my mother was pushing me another direction, my sisters were pushing me in another direction and Canadians were pushing me in another direction...I was confused....I knew that I chose this fancy title and many perks that come with it but how I was going to do it I will explain...!

Omar Abdulla: Explain to the audiences across South Africa, India, Greece and Canada, what motivated you then to 'pursue your dreams...'??

Stephen Harper: Mr. Abdulla they say that true leaders are not born they are made and society teaches you harsh lessons that you must learn from...If you do not learn from the mistakes of past leaders and from your own mistakes L I F E will keep on giving you the same problems...When you are constantly riddled by jealous and harsh people the trick is to move your mind away...Change focus...In 2003 many Canadians knew what I aimed towards but I myself could not carry the weight on these people...I knew what I wanted and I learnt from my father that STOP WANTING and START GIVING and took his w o r d s and built from there...Leading Canada is the greatest pleasure today but it was filled with hundreds of hours in my two bedroom apartment alone just reading, sleeping, eating and dreaming...My wife walked out on me several times because I threw everything a w a y for one focused dream...She came back to me eventually but it proved to me that even the dearest of people will walk away when you don't produce results...To me, it was never about families or societies because I knew that was an easy task...I looked at the bigger picture, the bigger outcome, the bigger karma and the bigger dream...

Omar Abdulla: What does one do when one feels hurt, betrayed, foresaken and feel emotions of loneliness from the emotions you are describing Mr. Harper...??

Stephen Harper: I have often met with President Barack Obama, President Nicholas Sarkozy, President Devisingh Patel and President Fidel Castro and we all have different stories to tell...The emotions you talk about I felt for three years without letting go...I was like a tiger that was locked in a zoo cage missing the freedom of the jungle...Think of your life as a film Mr. Abdulla...Whatever you experiencing you are the producer, actor and director and lead your life towards the success you choose...We all get hurt because of past relationships, we all feel betrayed because of favouritism, we all feel lonely because we let our friends down...Remember that a Prime Minister works hundreds of hours sometimes with no results but remember that there is a God out there that will make you win when the time is right...There were times I did not have money for basic requirements for a living person because my film told a different story...You are the actor in your life story so choose the title of a 'Superstar,' and don't settle for what's not good for you...You can leave your dreams in the hands of God, but what irons the true leader from the streetsweeper is his ability notations of 'survival of the fittest...' We as human beings will die if we are weak, and always remember that great things are achieved through 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent luck...

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...This is our third episode of the eight seasons in Canada and the country is noted as one of the best in the world, some even say more advanced than The United States and Australia...During the commercial break I received an email from Jonathan Karlek from Ontario who asks the Prime Minister what are his future goals with the current government in sectors of finance, education and justice in Canada...??

Stephen Harper: We have cabinet meetings once per week which is television of Canada TV and we often speak about reducing debt and creating more people in Canada...Canada is one of the most sparsely populated countries and welcome foreigners to our country as we are one of the best countries to live...Canadian earn on average 2400 Canadian dollars and thus we choose to increase spending policy by 30 percent in the next ten years...Some of our public schools and universities are free to the public...Some of our hospitals and medicare schemes are free to the public....Some of our sports teams are free to public....Some of our newspaper, radio, website and other forms of media are free to the public...Our government members extend far beyond Canada with certain Senators forming as part of The Freemasons, The illumanti, The 'bloodline-of-kings,' and The 'Gang-of Six...' We are improving sectors as we speak and learn from other countries including The United States, Britain, Scotland and South Africa...
Primedia Broadcasting

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...During our commercial break we received an email from Johnathan Laska from Ontario who asks Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Stephen Harper his plans for government growth in the next ten years...??

Stephen Harper: Many of our public schools and universities are free...Many of our hospitals and clinics are free...Many of the sports teams are free....Many of our newspapers, websites, radio's and tele-marketing schemes are free to the public and I would advice the local country to make use of the services available to the public...I often meet with Cabinet which is broadcast live on Canada TV so that Canadians can have an idea of plans in goverment...Our Canadian Senators extend far beyond Canada with members in The Freemasons, The 'Bloodline-of-Kings,' The illumanti and The 'Gang of Six...' Canada is one of the most sparsely populated countries and welcome foreign nationals to the country...As for government we learn everyday from nations including United States, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Bolivia, South Africa, Sweden, Russia and Romania...

Omar Abdulla: We have a l a s t email from Janette Rakkaus from Vancouver who asks the Prime MInister what can be done to grow ones community, ones society, and ones metropolitan as a single person...?

Stephen Harper: We all have degrees of the mind and the University of Calgary offers over 5000 degrees...We should take our life as slices and we cannot do a certain job for a too long period of time...We cannot run a franchise store for 40 years without getting bored...We cannot be carpenters for 40 years without getting bored....We cannot be Prime Ministers for 40 years without getting bored...We cannot be fathers or mothers for 40 years without getting bored...Spread your interests, 'fun-styles,' ambitions and goals across a spectrum and don't do one thing for too long...If you are a father, focus on it for 10 years and let the profits take care of itself...If you are a storeowner for longer than 10 years, sell your business and invest in a new venture...If you are a community leader for longer than 10 years, seek to rise up the podium...You cannot attend school for twenty years and you cannot attend university for ten years...Everything has a time limit and invest and spend your time wisely...If something in your community does not work, fix it, and don't complain....We are all Prime Ministers at heart and choose our voice to be heard, so take advantage and find a way to get your voice heard...!

Omar Abdulla: Thank you Mr. Stephen Harper and wish you all the luck in the future as Prime Minister of Canada...Tomorrow we will be interviewing teenagers in Canada to get their story about 'life in Canada,' the up's and downs and their future dreams to grow this beloved country....From The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW and Footprints Filmworks....Sala Kahle...!


Episode 28-Season Four

Filmed-14 November 2011

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...This is an episode filmed in Vancouver at the Vancouver National Zoo and we are interviewing two people today about teenagers in Canada and their current life spectrums in the 'global diaspora,' of life...Welcome to our Show...In Studio today, we have Dr. Liona Richards and Dr. Albert Knowles who are both from Vancouver....Let's get to it....I am a teenager and I have a long way to go in life, what should my planning be for the future...??

Dr. Liona Richards: Thank you Omar and to the guests of Footprints Filmworks...Being a teenager is between the ages of 13-19 and it's good to plan your life where you want to go, what you plan to achieve, when you plan to marry and how you choose your life to pan out...Very often we experience mixed emotions towards our parents, our siblings, our friends and our community because we explore the 'greater-outlook,' of life...They say that if we choose to live to 100 we should start planning from any early age...My advice is get married young, work for a paying job young, gain experience with your mentors and play lots of sports...We often get hurt by boyfriends in our youth and follow the Indian tradition of an early marriage because marriage forms the foundation of your life...Respect your parents, trust your husband, lead your community and have dreams of being 'A king...'

Dr. Albert Knowles: Sometimes we carry the habits from childhood, into our teenage years and into our adult life and we should 'take the good, and rid the bad...' Your parents and siblings will always bring you up, so learn from them and learn to experience life...Learning to drive, learning to make love, learning communication skills and learning to be a genuine leader forms in these stages...Never be afraid of rejection and follow the leading stars...Remember that being a teenager can be bad in many ways because friends can influence you to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol and drag race...Save your viginity for the guy who is marriage matertial and don't look for popularity or fame, look for beauty, charm, honesty, love, 'parent-skills,' ambition, likeness, faithfulness and prowness...I remember when I was a teenager I had many love interests and today we are the best of friends and I got married...Remember that being a teenager is one of the most important stages of your life, and keep a diary....A life worth remembering is worth recording....!

Omar Abdulla: Many teenagers think they in love and sometimes fail to recognize the difference between a crush and 'true-love...' Could you explain this further...?

Dr. Albert Knowles: There are some people it takes them over 100 boyfriends to experience love and there are some people it just takes one...You should remember that each person you date will give you a different feeling...Some men enjoy to kiss in the moonlight, some men enjoy driving fast on the highway, some men enjoy playing games and some men enjoy their family...Choose a balance and know what you want...It takes two hands to clap and always have that tingling feeling for your loved one...Very often parents get jealous by their daughters or son's love interest because they are parents...Speak to your parents and never compare your boyfriend to your father because they are not the same...A crush is when you were ten years old admiring the most-elegant woman in class, the way they walk, their acumen, their style and their finesse...Loving someone can take an hour, a day, a month, a year because it's the feeling they leave in your heart...You must also be ready to fall in love and always be honest...If you are one on the slut list in school it might be difficult to find a man but you still can...Remember to treasure who you are because there is only one of you in this world with the qualities you have....Love yourself, admire yourself, take pride in what you do, and protect your lifestyle...Most men love women who are sharp, witty, humourous, spunky and have inner beauty...You can look like Aishwarya Rai but you can have a horrid personality...I would anytime, anyday settle for a man who might not be goodlooking but can make me happy...

Omar Abdulla: Let's say that I am this hunky teenager, I have the BMW, I have the castle but I can't seem to get over a woman that I once loved...? What would your advice be for a person like me...?

Dr. Liona Richards: Getting over a past relationship is a tough cookie because it takes months or even years to get over...Let me put it to you this way...If you get cut of your wrist it takes time to heal and once the heal is cleared you can write again...The same way with the heart...God knows when you must let go, and you will let go eventually....People get over divorces what is a broken heart when you are a teenager...Remember to always know that the power out there will guide you towards the right person at the right time...You cannot push and pressure God because your destiny is written by God long before you were born...Perhaps that boy or girl came into your life to light up your mind, perhaps he was brought into your life to help you, perhaps he was brought into your life to make you smile again...Never question God's methods and remain silent about your love interest before you decide to tie the knot....

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment....!


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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...I am starting to enjoy the feel of this new show produced by Footprints Filmworks here in Canada as my wife adviced me to 'take the leap of fate,' by launching this show...During the break I received an email from Samantha Laska from Ottawa who says that she enjoys the show and she constantly being bullied by her older sister and they love the same guy...What advice do you have for her...?

Dr. Albert Knowles: Samantha, I feel sorry for you as you have fallen in love with the same guy as your sister...I know how you feel because I know how love sometimes can be...Sometimes we feel that we are 'bubbled with this person,' sometimes we feel infactuated...Many teenagers fall in love with their siblings loved one and if he loves you as well, maybe you should consider his feelings as well...Very often life is a strange drama that we watch in soapies and it's no biggie if he loves you as well...If you love the guy who dated your sister than you should tell him how you feel...Communicate with him and if he feels what you feel then you should be together...Remember that love has strange ways of 'knocking on your door,' and the Almighty is your friend...Put your trust in him...Remember that if you love your sisters boyfriend it should not be a vendetta against her, it should be for yourself, and if you can 'make your hands clap together,' and make a good team....Then let it be....Stranger things have happened here in Canada...! You cannot be a child who feels betrayed....Tell your sister how you feel about him, honestly, don't hide it because I'm sure he can feel the love you have for him...He is not stupid...!

Omar Abdulla: We have a l a s t email from Gabriella Meile from Ontario who says that she is fat, wears glasses and has no looks to shout about but has a personality worth dreaming about but cannot find a man to love her in the last 19 years of her life...What advice do you have for her...??

Dr. Liona Richards: You know we are all not blessed with the killer looks of Lara Dutta, Michelle Obama or Adriana Lima but we can try...You seem your self confidence is low Gabriella and if you cannot put the effort into yourself-who will...I suggest that you go to the gym 3x per week, buy contact lenses, read self-help books and win more friends...You cannot climb Mount Everest if you don't have the tools and the vision....Win in small stages....A Win is a win, is a win....Be confident, and the luck will come to you...All of us are different and unique and as teenages we should remember that our mindset stays with us for life...It takes years to be gorgeous and feel and look sexy for yourself and not another man....Attract yourself to yourself, that way you will feel like sharing your company...!

Omar Abdulla: Thank you to our guests...Tomorrow we will be talking about pregnancy, babies, toddlers and ways of loving your little brat....From Omar Abdulla and Footprints Filmworks...Shalom!


Episode 29-Season Four

Filmed 19 November 2011

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW filmed today at the Kiddies Campus in Ottawa...Today, we are joined by parents Zenobia Kallis and Eshaq Kallis who have been parents for the last thirty years and today we are having a 'special birthday,' party for their daughter Zustermina Kallis who turns 20 this afternoon...Ohh, the atmosphere is electric and crowds can be heard outside The Campus...This is a special 'surprise,' birthday and the teenager has turned into an adult today and her parents are going to walk us through her upbringing...The couple share four children of which Zustermina is the last born...Let's get to it....Briefly explain the importance of pregnancy, toodler youth and stages of a baby in your experience...!

Eshaq Kallis: I want to start off by saying that I love my daughter because she is turning into an adult today, and no-matter what I will always love her...Tears roll down my eyes when I think about her and she would not even know what I went through to 'bring-her-up,' and I thank The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW for broadcasting this on their network...I am going to ONLY speak about growing Zustermina up as one because I believe that children require 'individual care,' to grow as an Adult...Babies are the greatest pleasure because they have cute giggles, smirky smiles, passionate 'love-moments,' and the ability to make you happy...Babies in Canada cost me about $2000 dollars per month and all the wealth in the world could not replace my Zustermina....Her toddler days will always be with me, the day she started walking, the day she said 'Daddy,' the day she hugged me and the day we first sent her to school...Being a father is the greatest highlight of ones life and it's the greatest 'wow,' to a parent...Babies require special attention and talking to your baby is the best form of communication...!

Zenobia Kallis: I sometimes think that I spoiled Zustermina and I would advice parents out there not to spoil their children...Zustermina is the 'apple-of-our family,' and tears roll down my eyes as well because the same as her father, she would never know how I dreamt about her long before she was born...I sometimes say that I know Zustermina better than herself because I am her mother...As a baby, she had the personality to make your heart melt and always was helpful in the kitchen besides the fact she always tried to put her finger in the power plug...Parents grow their children up better than how they were brought up because they learn from their parents and over time 'generation gets better...' I can say that the man who marries Zustermina will be the luckiest man in the world...Caring for a baby requires sleepless nights by both father and mother and cleaning after their messes...You can truly say a baby is the greatest gift as a child because of the energy they add to the family...Whoever out there is planning to have a baby my advice is 'go for it,' and have the support of your family...Her father and I both played active roles in her life for her to be where she is today...!

Omar Abdulla: Since we are only speaking about one child and easily copied by other viewers tell us what is important to parents of a new born until she reaches adulthood...??

Zenobia Kallis: I will always support my husband and my children and Zustermina will be my little brat because she slept with me in the same room...You cannot replace this bond...A baby is unique and all babies and mothers and fathers are different...When I held little Zustermina I said that I would never work a day in my life, I said that I would give her the universe, I said that I will do my best to make her happy, I said that I will be her best friend for life...You know Omar, a mothers or fathers love you cannot replace and no person in this world can replace it...I said earlier that whoever married my Zustermina will be the luckiest man in the world because of sublime qualities we have taught her including support your husband, love your husband, admire your husband, laugh at your husband and stand with your husband no-matter what...!

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to the Kiddies Campus where we are expecting Zustermina to join the party any moment now...Today, we will not be taking any emails from the public as we are going to speak to the daughter of Zenobia and Eshaq Kallis-Zustermina about her personal story to fans of Footprints Filmworks in Canada...Here she is...Surprise....! Hello Zustermina-What's cooking goodlooking...??

Zustermina Kallis: My brothers took me for lunch and I had no idea about this mysterious surprise planned...My parents call me the 'love-baby,' and I hope I can live upto those w o r d s...I hope they were speaking good about me for my surprise party...So, you hit me with a punchline, let me hit you with one...Let's go inside and complete this interview by the fireplace...

Omar Abdulla: We were talking about babies, children and the future of children in the global diaspora of life, you are a 20 year old, what are your ideas about children in Canada Miss Kallis...??

Zustermina Kallis: You know for a long time Omar I love children and I always played with my nephews and nieces and children who live next door to give me practice when I get married...I love children and the lifestyle they add to the family...I am young and I learn from my parents and grandparents about children and how to take care of little ones...I love this show and watched it several times on BBC News...Anyways, I plan to have about eight children and hopefully my husband will be able to cope with my stamina...!

Omar Abdulla: Wow, you plan to have eight children...I wish I was married to you...Tell me, how would you love and nurture your own children as a mother...?

Zustermina Kallis: I am saying on National Television infront of billions of people that I want those eight children...I guess there is no set recipe for growing children up as you learn as you go along...One of my biggest dreams is to marry soon and reach that milestone with the man of my dreams...!

Omar Abdulla: Thank you Zustermina...That's all we have time for today....Tomorrow we will be back speaking and talking about Businesses in Canada....Goodbye...!



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