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Mary Seacole(1805-1881)

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1Mary Seacole(1805-1881) Empty Mary Seacole(1805-1881) on Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:27 pm


Here is Mary Seacole wearing her uniform following the Benefit.

Mary Seacole(1805-1881) Mary-s11
Mary Seacole was a nurse from Jamaica. Hearing of the terrible conditions in the Crimean War and knowing more than most about wounds and infection control, she decided to travel to London to offer her help. On arrival Florence Nightingale turned her down so she made her own way to the Crimea and started treating wounded soldiers from both sides, often on the battlefield whilst under fire. When the war was over she was soon stranded and destitute but was saved by the personal intervention of Lord Rokeby, Commander of the British Forces. He organized a Benefit and she was lauded. Yet when she died she was forgotten for almost a century.

Mary Seacole(1805-1881) L_864a11

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