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The Investment Esecuive man Rohan Miller

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1 The Investment Esecuive man Rohan Miller on Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:21 pm



"HE'S a very quick thinker who often uses unorthodox means of problem-solving." These are words used by Rohan Miller's boss, Richard O Byles, to describe him.

They constitute a measure of the man, who, at 47 years old, has so impressed in the performance of his duties as vice-president and chief investment manager with Sagicor that he has been named one of the company's top performers for 2010.

MILLER... it is rewarding to work in an area of business, which can have a direct and positive impact on the future well-being of clients (Photo: Karl McLarty)

"Rohan is a leader who executes very efficiently. He is self-motivated and capable of motivating his team to get the job done," Byles, Sagicor's president and chief executive officer, told Career & Education.

"2010 was a difficult year all around, with the introduction of the JDX (Jamaica Debt Exchange) and other factors which severely affected Jamaica's and the global economy. Yet, Rohan Miller's investment funds performance was excellent during this period. The transition of management at our Dunn's River Resort (the Jewel) was seamless and this was directly under Rohan's leadership," Byles added, noting the rationale behind Miller's selection as one of the company's top performers.

Miller, for his part, is humbled by the recognition.

"It came as a surprise (to be named top performer) and I really feel humbled. At the same time, I am honoured to be recognised as a contributor to the company's success," said the married father of four.

Miller was, however, quick to add that the glory belonged to the team.

"I see myself as a member of a team of performers; the success of the investment team is what is being recognised," he told Career & Education.

Meanwhile, included in Miller's duties as vice-president and chief investment manager is:

* treasury management;

* investment product design and launch;

* integration and turnaround of new portfolio acquisitions;

* identifying strategic investment acquisitions to gain market share;

* enhancing investment income;

* driving investment income growth by capitalising on market opportunities; and

* profit and loss management of investment and insurance funds.

Altogether, Miller — the holder of a MBA in finance from Rutgers Business School in the United States and a first degree in agriculture from the University of the West Indies — currently has full statutory responsibility for over US$1 billion in investments and US$50 million of net investment income, in addition to a real estate budget of US$6-million.

And he is glad to serve. According to Miller, he enjoys his work with Sagicor, an organisation he has served for 17 years.

"It is rewarding to work in an area of business, which can have a direct and positive impact on the future well-being of clients who look to Sagicor to ensure their financial future is secure," he said. "Sagicor is a dynamic company with a great group of people and I do enjoy working with my investment team and the wider Sagicor team."

— Petre Williams-Raynor

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