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The Jamaican fashion industry is indeed very trendy

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The Jamaican society has grown and evolved over the years and so as the different characteristics that make us uniquely Jamaican. The Jamaican fashion industry is also not to be outdone in terms of dynamics as it has progressed and developed over the years in line with keeping a prevailing sense of style and customary mode of dress. Jamaicans are no doubt trend setters in any given field they are seen and with the strong influence of our Reggae music, and success in athleticism, we are definitely among the best in the world with our strong Jamaican fashion. We have had opportunities through our engagement in areas as the Ms. World and Ms.

Universe Pageants for our designers to showcase just what they are capable of in producing evening gowns that are of the finest quality comparable to those of top designers worldwide. The Jamaican fashion industry is indeed very trendy and incorporates all modes of dress.

As Jamaicans we not only consider clothing as fashion, instead we look further into the entire package hair, makeup, accessories and shoes. When you hear one speak of the Jamaican fashion Industry you should know they are speaking of a monument dedicated to achieving an overall unique classic style that is uniquely Jamaican.

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